How We Started

About Us

At Nachuraru (which means ‘natural’ in Japanese), we believe in making clothing and products from sustainable materials.

It all started with a desire to provide comfortable clothing for our friends’ newborns. As a baby’s skin is soft and extremely sensitive, we began our search for the material most suitable for such delicate skin – Organic cotton.

We believe that babies should feel as comfortable as they were in their mother’s womb and comfort is the top priority in our product line. Besides having amazing natural properties beneficial for your little one, organic cotton is also friendly to the environment!

A mother’s comfort is also important to us and our clothes are designed to be not only chic, but also simple and fuss-free for mothers.

What sets us apart from other organic cotton children clothing retailers? We are a local startup from Singapore having our own brand trademark. We work closely with fellow partners in the industry because we believe our children deserve the best.

We provide an e-commerce platform for customers to shop online as well as a physical store for customers to visit. We hope to educate our customers on the differences between organic cotton vs other materials allowing them to feel it first hand.

We provide organic cotton clothing, soft toys, newborn gifts/hampers, accessories and baby care products for children age between 0-5 years old. A customised hamper make a special gift which any mother/child will appreciate!

Wrap your baby in Nachuraru – Where comfort is natural.